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Picture this customer journey:

A customer enters your sports-facility, gym or spa. They’ve bought via your website and for other locations from your company before. Today, they’ve paid via credit card, entered an email address to receive their invoice and entered their loyalty card. This short process shows five pieces of data which a modern payment provider can use:

  • The customer used your subscription platform in the past
  • How frequently they shop at this particular location
  • Add information you didn’t have like loyalty card
  • Add email address
  • Add the country of their card issuer

This may not be new to you, however what happens when a customer forgets to bring their loyalty card and you can’t recognize them at the checkout? By linking earlier transactions made online recurrer helps you recognize your customers using the card alias or customer ID from our Customer ID panel.

What you can learn from and apply to your customers journey

Payments data is central to any business and brings actionable data, that can really help you grow your business.

By integrating recurrer, the recurrer platform metrics open up a entire set of opportunities. For developers there are two ways to consume the data we cover:

1. Consume the recurrer data points back on the API response.

2. The second option to consume the required data is via messaging to a message consumer on your end.

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